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Avengers: Infinity War Directors Fire Back At Deadpool’s Thanos Joke

There are a few guarantees when it comes to Deadpool: he’ll word-vomit at the most inappropriate times, he’ll slay his enemies in ways once thought to go against the laws of physics, and he’ll make fun of anything and everything around him, including the minds behind Marvel’s biggest superhero movie to date.

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds took the opportunity to share a message from the red-and-black anti-hero, who had a few words to say about people potentially spoiling Deadpool 2. It only took fans a few seconds to realize that the note was mostly a parody of the “Thanos Demands Your Silence” initiative that Avengers: Infinity War co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo sparked up to stress the importance of keeping plot details a secret.

While the Russos addressed their letter to “the greatest fans in the world,” Deadpool one-upped them by opening with, “To the great-er-est fans in the whole universe.” The similarities are undeniable, with phrases from the Russos’ letter popping up verbatim in Deadpool’s note, but most of Deadpool’s comments added a ridiculous twist. For example, one of the “super secrets” his team has been hiding is the, quote, “secret blend of 11 herbs and spices in Colonel Sanders’ delicious moustache.”

After telling people not to “say a f—ing word about the fun s— in the movie,” Deadpool signed off with a hashtag of his own: #WadeWilsonDemandsYourSisterSorryStupidAutocorrectSilence. And now, the Russo brothers have something to say. Replying to Reynolds on Twitter, the directors fired back with a photo of a prop Infinity Gauntlet with its middle finger raised, captioned: “Boom.”

“Pump the hate brakes, Thanos.” Reynolds was quick to respond to the flip of the bird, though this time, he took a higher road than Deadpool would have, replying, “I deserve that.”

All things considered, it’s safe to assume that the Russos aren’t actually angry, and that the minds behind the Deadpool sequel don’t actually think the Russos’ anti-spoiler attitude is in any way uncool. How could they? Infinity War has continued to smash records at the box office, surpassing the $1 billion benchmark in record time, and Deadpool 2 first reactions stamp the sequel film as being bigger, better, and more brilliant than the original. Something tells us both parties are too busy basking in their respective successes to be truly fired up.

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