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Jude Law and Gemma Chan Talk Captain Marvel Movie

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Interviewer: So secrecy on this film it feels, like, I mean, I know sort of these days with a lot of films there is some secrecy. Harry Potter for instance but um, I mean we didn’t even know what your character was called, Jude how did you deal with this level of secrecy?

Jude Law (Starforce Commander): I just don’t, I don’t let anything go because if I let a little go, it all goes. So I’m not gonna even mention his name today. Maybe in a few months, years’ time I might talk about him in retrospect.

Interviewer: But maybe not

Jude Law: But maybe not, maybe I never mention him. I’ve learnt great skills in avoiding how to answer questions, that’s been a real added bonus.

Like that diversion, diversion tactics.

Interviewer: Was there a sense when you work in the film that it was a landmark?

Gemma Chan (Minn-Erva): Yeah I mean it’s part of what attracted me to the project in the first place. You know in some ways I feel that, you know this film is a little overdue if we’re being honest, is it the 21st film in the MCU? But um, I’m really happy that this film has been made. I’m really proud to be part of it and I was I was really excited to be part of the song, to work with Bree and you as well and just it yeah. I’m excited, I’m excited for it to be out there.

‘The beginning, I’m not gonna fight your war, I’m gonna end it’

Interviewer: So captain Marvel was quite different from the films you’ve worked on before was it and did it meet your expectations or were you surprised by how it went?

Anna Boden (Writer and director): I think I was surprised by how it went. I was surprised by what an awesome collaboration it was. I was surprised that instead of being told to wait, hold on, harness it, make it less weird, we were kind of encouraged to make it more weird and, and that was really fun.

Interviewer: How many iterations did you go through with the with the plot? I mean there’s so much to choose from on Captain Marvel and was it sort of quite straightforward from the beginning did you chop and change a lot?

Ryan Fleck (Writer and director): Well when we came aboard basically Marvel said here’s what we want; we want a movie set in the 90s, we want a young Nick Fury with two eyes and we want some Scrolls in this movie and so it was our job to say okay, alright let’s throw them in the stew, mix it up and like bring out the most flavorful combination of those elements and so yeah once we wrote that script it was constantly evolved even while we were shooting and even editing the story, it was still, you know, in constant state of motion but by the time we were finished, we were finished.

Interviewer: Obviously we’ve got endgame coming within the next six, seven weeks. Were you at all expected, I mean, did you have to take the film into consideration because everyone’s waiting for Captain Marvel to sharpen that or was it something that was kind of completely separate from what you’re working on?

Anna Boden (Writer and director): They wouldn’t even let us read our own script until after the movie came out, so they keep everything very very secretive. We talked about the character certainly with the Russo brothers who were making endgame and kind of got um, you know, told them what we were thinking about in terms of who she is and what we were working on and, and so that there would be some consistency in fluidity.

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