Marvel’s Future Plans May Have Been Leaked

Marvel keeps many secrets hidden behind the Iron Curtain and does just about anything it can to keep them from leaking. Duping actors with fake scripts so they don’t know it’s true and what’s completely made-up? Been there done that. Filming multiple different endings to obscure the real conclusion? Yep, Marvel filmmakers have done that too. These tactics may have worked to stop actors from spilling the beans but they apparently weren’t aggressive enough to prevent others from sharing sensitive information about Marvel’s projects. And speaking of sensitive information, spoilers ahead. It appears that a good portion of Marvel’s plans post Avengers Endgame have leaked on Twitter both for phase four of the film’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for a number of television shows coming to the Disney Plus streaming service.

And not just a few days ago or a week ahead of Avengers Endgame launching in theaters, these purported leaks hit the web back in December 2018. The details come from a semi anonymous twitter user who goes by the name of Roger Wardell who began sharing what he described as leaks for Avengers Endgame at the end of last year. At the time Wardell’s tweets gained virtually no traction given that his profile offers virtually no identifying information other than his name which could be fake and because there is no way to confirm his tweets as factual. Looking at them now in retrospect though the things he said about Endgame turned out to be completely on the money, like scarily accurate.

Wardell predicted that Thor would lose his chiseled physique and quote look a bit like his old friend Volstagg that agent carter actor James D’Arcy would make the jump from Marvel TV to the MCU as Edwin Jarvis, that Robert Redford would return as secretary Alexander Pierce, that Scott Lang would mess up big time and that Chris Evans would play a completely different Steve Rogers in the film seemingly referencing the choice Steve made to stay in the past and live a normal life with Peggy Carter before catching up to the present as an old man. He even nailed details like Thor decapitating Thanos, Stan Lee making a cameo in the 1970s and Brock rumlow and Jack Rollins returning to recreate the elevator scene from Captain America the Winter Soldier, including a hint at caps now famous line from the recreated scene, you know the one.

By all accounts Wardell was almost totally right about what went down in Avengers Endgame. This makes it far easier to believe what he tweeted about Marvel’s future is just as precise. Wardell claimed in one tweet ‘while Kevin Feige has talked about films based on Power Pack and Ms. Marvel, it’s also being heavily discussed to have these as multiple season-long shows on the Disney Service’. Disney plus is the forthcoming streaming service home to a number of Marvel superhero series including Loki, One division and Falcon and Winter Soldier. Additionally Wardell alleged that the Black Knight has been a hot topic of conversation in Marvel Studios.

The character has flip-flopped between being a superhero and a supervillain as several different people have brandished the moniker. According to Wardell’s tweet the Black Knight has been discussed quite a bit over at Marvel Studios. They see the character as a potential new Avenger and capable of holding his own solo film and possibly a trilogy. Wardell’s final tweet on the account teased a handful of returning villains. Marvel still has big plans for Zemo, Ghost, Justin Hammer, General Ross and the Abomination. The Leader is being discussed to return as the main villain of Thunderbolts which is being planned as a trilogy.

The Leader whose real name is Dr. Samuel Sterns has already appeared in the MCU. Tim Blake Nelson portrayed Sterns in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk and that flicks turns transformed Emil Blonsky into the Abomination using Super Soldier Serum and some of Bruce banners blood. When the Abomination attacks Sterns some of Banners blood drips into an open cut on Sterns’ forehead thus triggering his metamorphosis into the Leader. Considering his past foundations in the MCU, it seems plausible that the villain could rise to lead an ensemble trilogy down the line.

Given how spot-on Wardell’s tweets about Avengers Endgame were, it’s tempting to take everything he said about the future of Marvel as 100% factual. Certain elements like Marvel planning something major for Black Knight in the studio developing a Thunderbolts movie seemed more plausible than others. Actress Hannah John-Kamen who played Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp once noted that she’d love to reprise her villainous role for a movie about the Thunderbolts. She told Screen Rant in June 2018 ‘that would be fun. With any Marvel character whatever happens to them, you always go, the possibility is endless and with me it would be an honor to work with any of the heroes and any of the antagonists and any of the things in the Marvel Universe. I mean yeah, that would be amazing.’

Years before that, guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn shared that he told Kevin Feige he really wanted to make a Thunderbolts movie. Maybe after guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 gets out in theaters, Gunn will take on Thunderbolts as his next feature. Regarding the possibility of a Black Knight movie, MCU cosmic founder and editor-in-chief Jeremy Conrad relayed in December 2018 not long after Wardell shared his tweets that Marvel knows what it wants to do with the character. Conrad, a reliable source for Marvel movie news tweeted at the time ‘there’s been some hinting and talking about Black Knight recently. Apparently Marvel does have a plan for him in the MCU and they already know how he’ll be introduced.’

Still, as fun as it would be to believe Wardell’s tweet is truthful and based on insider information he obtained from Marvel brass, it’s best to take these leaks for what they are, unfounded details posted by someone whose real identity is mystery. Feige already confirmed that Marvel will announce the first few years of its five-year post Endgame plans sometime after the release of Spider-Man Far from Home this July, so fans won’t have too much longer to wait to find out the real truth about the studio’s future.

Source: Looper Youtube

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