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The Notorious ‘Spoiler Spiller’ Mark Ruffalo Actually Did Spoil the Ending of Endgame After All

If only Mark Ruffalo had a time machine. The actor who plays Bruce Banner and his alter-ego the Hulk is a notorious spoiler spiller, so obviously spoilers ahead. In June 2017, Ruffalo inadvertently gave away the ending of Avengers infinity war during a Good Morning America interview; ‘Wait till you see this next one, everybody dies’.

And in November 2017 he accidentally live-streamed parts of Thor Ragnarok drawing the film’s world premiere; ‘You gave away the whole movie, didn’t you?’
“Well only the first 10 minutes of it”

And then drawing his October 2018 appearance on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, Ruffalo revealed the title of Avengers Endgame before it was officially announced; ‘I think it’s out there already the title of the next Avengers movie is ….’

It was worth noting that Ruffalo actually said the last Avenger but that didn’t stop Endgame co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo from posting a tweet that read ‘Mark, you’re fired’. Well at least he kept his mouth shut while promoting Avengers Endgame, right? Wrong. It seems our Ruffalo actually did spoil Avengers Endgame several weeks ago, when he blurted out a major plot point from the end of the film. In an interview with E news alongside Captain America actor Chris Evans and nebula actress Karen Gillan, Ruffalo revealed that the Russo brothers had him shoot five different endings for the film. He also revealed that the directing duo never gave him a complete script. The actor said he didn’t know the true conclusion of endgame during filming and he claimed that it’d have to wait until the movie opened in theaters to find out which ending was ultimately chosen. Ruffalo explained; ‘I didn’t even get a whole script. I don’t know why. Even the script I did get had dummy scenes in it.’

The story checks out. The Russos have a history of withholding full scripts from the actors, having done so with Avengers infinity war to keep story secrets close to the chest. Anyway, at one point in the interview, Ruffalo pointed to Evans and jokes; ‘he gets married in this’

Huh, that’s hilarious right, Captain America tying the knot in Avengers Endgame. Like that would ever happen, except it does happen. Though Ruffalo was offering an example of one of the dummy scenes, he actually revealed the real ending to the superhero ensemble. Avengers Endgame reveals that Steve Rogers retires from being Captain America after returning each infinity stone to their proper places and time, he chooses to remain in the past reuniting with his love Peggy Carter and growing old with her. Steve later resurfaces five years after the events of infinity war explaining to Sam Wilson that he chose to go back in time to live the life he’d always wanted. When Steve shakes Sam’s hand we see a wedding band. Steve stays mum on who the wife is but a dance sequence between he and Peggy at the end of the film proves that she’s the lady in question. So yeah, Mark Ruffalo totally spoiled Endgame but he probably didn’t know he was spoiling the film. It sounds like Ruffalo’s script was chock-full of fake scenes and he had no way of knowing which ones were real. Other actors in the MCU have been similarly confused in the past. Let’s go back in time to Tom Hollands April 2018 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While the cast was promoting Avengers infinity war, Holland revealed that he didn’t believe spider-man would ever wind up in a sci-fi tizzy with Thanos; ‘I was reading what I thought was a fake strip because it was like spider-man’s in space, so I didn’t finish it, but I found out it was real’.

That’s the catch 22 of the Russo brothers’ fake scripts. They succeed in keeping the actors in the dark and keeping spoilers from leaking, but they totally confused the cast to the point that they don’t know what’s real or fake. Ruffalo clearly thought the idea of Captain America getting married was too ridiculous to be true and he must have believed it was a fake plot point and was okay to talk about. Taking all of this into consideration, we can’t place too much blame on Ruffalo. Fingers crossed he doesn’t get fake fired from the MCU a second time.

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